Deodorizing Service/Odor Removal

For odor control ServiceMaster Absolute uses the Hydroxyl Generator. The people, pet and plant safe Hydroxyl Generator is the best choice in air cleaning and odor control resulting from fires, flooding, sewer backups, toxic odors and chemical spills.

Hydroxyl radicals are naturally occurring molecules produced in our atmosphere. For the first time, UV light has been harnessed along with ambient air humidity to create hydroxyls. These "superior hydroxyls" eliminate bacteria, mildew, mold, noxious gases, odors and volatile organic compounds in indoor environments.

UV technology allows for the hydroxyls to be so small they have the ability to penetrate into fabrics, porous materials and anywhere odor molecules can reach that otherwise are unobtainable. Hydroxyls scrub all surfaces in confined spaces and kill bacteria and viruses. During operation the processing chamber sanitizes airflow and produces the hydroxyls that exit the chamber and decontaminate surfaces and contents.