Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Going through a fire is a scary and traumatic experience. Once you make sure that everyone around you is safe it is time to start thinking about how to recover and get back on your feet. The process of recovering from a fire or smoke damage can be overwhelming. That is where ServiceMaster Absolute can help.

What the fire doesn’t touch, smoke and soot can destroy, and the gallons and gallons of water it takes to put out a fire can cause as much damage as the fire itself. A fast response is necessary in order to mitigate the damage that acidic soot and dirty water can have on a structure after a fire. We will work with your insurance company to handle loss claims and the cleanup and restoration process so that you can get back on your feet. Whether it is a small house fire or a large business fire we can handle the cleanup.

How ServiceMaster Absolute can help you recover from fire and smoke damage:

  • Immediate assistance: Our emergency response center will handle your call 24/7/365. Call – 269.344.3600
  • We provide emergency cleaning of the structure and contents to prevent further damage from the acid gas left over after a fire
  • We provide pack out services – removal of possessions for cleaning offsite
  • We provide reconstruction and painting services
  • We will work with your insurance company to handle claims

Partnership: We understand the emotional toll that a fire takes on those who have experienced it, and we want to make the recovery process go as smoothly as possible. We have years of experience in walking families, individuals, and businesses through a fire and smoke damage disaster. We want to see your home or building restored as quickly as possible so that you can start moving beyond this trying experience.

Immediate Response: Even after a fire is put out damage can occur to possessions and the building. Water needs to be removed immediately to prevent mold, mildew, and rotting. Acidic soot needs to be removed to prevent corrosion. We have the manpower and equipment to provide an immediate response to do an emergency cleaning of the structure and contents to help mitigate the loss.

Experienced Staff: When you choose ServiceMaster Absolute you have chosen a partner that brings years of experience and dedication to a difficult situation, and one that will work hard restore your home or business as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We work with both the home or businesses owner, the insurance agent, and subcontractors to help the restoration process move along quickly and efficiently. In short, we will manage the restoration process so you don’t have to.