Hospital Cleaning

We understand healthcare cleaning provides unique challenges to the cleaning team. From sterile operating rooms to patient housing, attention to detail and sensitivity to surroundings is a must for a cleaning technician.

Our experience and expertise has led us to develop advanced cleaning processes and techniques that help keep your facility clean. With our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning ® system, we provide you with a superior cleaning system that uses advanced equipment, along with micro fiber technology, to substantially reduce the amount of airborne dust, bacteria, and VOC’s. Using this cleaning method, we can provide a healthier setting for your healthcare staff and patients, as well as reduce the impact on the environment.

The training provided to our cleaning staff by ServiceMaster Clean was developed in compliance with HIPAA, JCAHO, and CDC regulatory standards. As such, our staff is able to properly service your hospital, medical clinic, chiropractic clinic, or healthcare facility.

Our Technician Training:

  • Details universal precautions on infection control
  • Emphasizes safety and security regulatory compliance with a focus on blood-born pathogens
  • Covers common problem areas identified by healthcare professionals
  • Teaches special cleaning procedures for exam rooms, nurses stations, and utility rooms
  • Emphasizes Quality